Intro to StepZen

StepZen lets you build a GraphQL API from any backend data source (REST, SQL and NoSQL databases, and GraphQL) in minutes. StepZen's unique declarative approach to building and deploying GraphQL means that you'll build concise intuitive APIs quickly and benefit at runtime from built-in reliability and performance optimizations. You can generate your schemas and resolvers using the stepzen import command and by specifying an existing backend data source. StepZen introspects the backend and generates a GraphQL schema for you. You can customize and extend your GraphQL with simple declarative constructs (i.e. GraphQL directives @rest, @dbquery, @graphql, @materializer, etc.), meaning that you avoid writing hundreds of lines of bespoke schema and resolver code and can deploy, test and iterate, and query your live API in minutes. 

Learn about StepZen at

Tools and Technologies

For your project to qualify for the hackathon, you must use a GraphQL API you create using StepZen in the application you submit. You can use your GraphQL API inside any application you want to build, whether in a back-end programming language (like Python) or a front-end application (React, Vue, JavaScript, etc.).

  1. Sign up for a free StepZen account 
  2. Install the StepZen CLI  (npm install -g stepzen).
    (See the StepZen Install & Set Up docs for details)
  3. There are two main ways to get a GraphQL API to use in your project:

For this hackathon, it's advised to use the StepZen CLI to generate your GraphQL API, as you can use whatever backend data source you wish and score points in the "best GraphQL schema design" category. However, using a pre-built API from GraphQL Studio gives you plenty of opportunities to focus on building a front-end experience for your project. The choice is yours. You can even mix and match your own data sources with some of those from GraphQL Studio. Maybe even score extra points by building a Web3 project.

Use the StepZen CLI to create a GraphQL API for any data source 

Visit Getting Started with StepZen - choose the backend where your data resides and generate a GraphQL API in minutes. Or first, explore the Examples to see how it all works against sample data.

With the StepZen CLI command stepzen import ... you can create a GraphQL API instantly for any data source, directly from your terminal. The data sources include:

After importing a data source using the StepZen CLI, you can make changes to it by modifying the generated GraphQL schemas. Head over to the Documentation to learn more about modifying GraphQL schemas.

Use Pre-built GraphQL APIs from GraphQL Studio

The StepZen GraphQL Studio provides a set of pre-built GraphQL APIs based on popular third-party and SaaS APIs. You can use any of these APIs, or any combination of them, to create an application for your hackathon submission. The pre-built APIs include GraphQL APIs for the following:

  • Web3 (Etherscan, Moralis, Infura)
  • Services (Spotify, Hubspot, Contentful, etc)
  • Tools (Github, Slack, Discord, etc)
  • And much more!


We're huge fans of the developer community over at Zero to Full Stack and we loved the build that Sonny taught in this live stream. Check it out! Jam-packed with great tech, this is truly inspirational: Reddit 2.0 with NEXT.JS! (React, SQL, Supabase, StepZen, GraphQL, TypeScript,Tailwind).


StepZen GraphQL Studio - browse pre-built GraphQL APIs and combinations.

Example Projects in our GitHub repository - projects that use different tools and stacks in combination with StepZen. 


Visit our Documentation or Troubleshooting page

Reach the StepZen team on Discord for any questions you might have.

We'll also be holding weekly office hours on Discord, the schedule will be published shortly.